Crowdfund Insider: Kabbage Co-Founder & Head Fintecher Kathryn Petralia: Power Lending, Predictions & Progress

Co-Founder and Head of Operations Kathryn Petralia has worked for over twenty years with large and small companies focused on credit, payments, and commerce. The Furman University English major “immediately saw the value in using technology to reexamine lending” when future Kabbage CEO Rob Frohwein and Co-founder shared his idea for what became Kabbage. She believed funding

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04.05.2017 Who’s fighting for advisers and clients in financial data debate?

Young digital-first firms hoping to revolutionize the way advisers manage client finances and build their wealth claim they have run into resistance from major banks opposed to sharing financial data. A heated industry debate has evolved, hinging on Section 1033 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which grants customers a right to access their personal financial data.

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American Banker: BankThink Consumers will suffer without rights to their data

The ability of Americans to see their total financial picture across multiple financial institutions and quickly access technology-based tools to analyze their financial data is no longer theoretical. The fintech industry provides this capability to millions of consumers. But for fintech to work for consumers, Americans must have the right to safely and securely access

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