According to the Federal Reserve’s 2016 survey on Americans’ economic well-being, one-third of Americans are struggling financially and 42% of Americans were unable to pay their bills at least one month within the last year. Nearly half of American households would have to incur debt or sell assets to pay for a surprise $400 expense. The only sustainable path toward improving Americans’ financial lives is one that allows Americans to access their financial information via the tools and providers they choose to help them improve their financial health.


The Consumer Financial Data Rights (CFDR) group seeks to promote the voice of consumers and small businesses in the financial services ecosystem, defending their right to access and share their information, while advocating for a fair and balanced system that puts these consumers and small businesses at the heart of the industry.

We believe everyone should have access to innovative products and services that improve their financial lives. These products, powered by unfettered, permission-based access to financial data, require a free and open system to deliver on their powerful promises of a more inclusive financial services industry.

What We Do

CFDR engages with policymakers, the press, consumer advocates, and third parties to achieve this mission and ensure the financial data rights of all stakeholders are protected.

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We can’t do this alone. We need your help to protect your access to your own financial information and the right to share it with whomever you wish. Take action today, and remember it’s your data, not the big banks’.

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